Monday, July 7, 2008

Easy and Cheesy

Feelin' cheesy this week!

In addition to the post yesterday about fromage fort, I felt the need to post my mac-and-cheese recipe that I have received numerous requests for. Here it is, on Martha Stewart's Everyday Food. I made it this Sunday when we had guests over; I also made it recently for O's kids' birthday party and it was a big hit.

It should be noted that I rarely, if ever, use the exact recipe.
  • Sometimes I add the ham. It's best to do that after you have an awesome ham for Easter, or some other holiday. (Which, on a side note...if you do...order from Ham I Am. Sounds silly, but it sure isn't when you taste it. Just close your eyes when you sign for the shipping charges. It's worth it.)
  • Inspired by some other recipes, I add Worcestershire and mustard. This adds a little kick to it and is particularly delicious in the cooler months. Holds up a bit better next to a red wine. I like this better than the cayenne mentioned in the ingredients.
  • I don't always add the breadcrumbs on top, either. Not necessary if you've got too much else going on. Add a little extra cheese and it will get crunchy anyhow.
  • Wheat pasta. Go ahead. Just use it. It tastes good in this and no one will really know unless you tell them. I think it actually adds to the flavor nicely.
  • Lastly...and I think I find this about every mac-and-cheese recipe I've ever tried....add more cheese. Like, a cup more. Trust me, you won't ruin it.
Yummy. I had leftovers for dinner...I guess that's why I felt compelled. Let me know if you come up with any other variations.

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Fifi Flowers said...

That looks delicious!
Thers is NOTHING like homemade... not out of a box... mac and cheese!
My s-i-l makes one of the best I have ever had... but then again... I have not tried this one.
I like hers too because I don't have to cook it! :)