Friday, July 4, 2008

O: On Travel and One of the Five Senses

Two beauties today.

We have a repro vintage Eastern Airlines poster that hangs in our TV room, at least at the moment. "Miami Beach Florida - Just 10 hours from New York". I can't recall what exactly was said that brought up Miami, but C pointed to the poster and I told O he actually was in Miami when he was 10 months old.

"I don't think I was in your ammy. Maybe we can go to your ammy or Daddy's ammy."

I then attempted to ask him what an "ammy" was, since Daddy and I clearly both had one, and he pointed to the poster. Kind of like a beach. Fair enough.

I don't know about anyone else out there but my son always has to go to the bathroom during a meal. Never fails.

We were eating outside tonight, and he had to go, so I eventually followed him in to see if he needed help (he's pretty self-sufficient, just needs a "clean" check). And he looks at me after a pause in his ramblings and says, "Do you smell that smell?"

"What smell?"

"My poop."

This deteriorated into a back-and-forth about smelling/not smelling and the fact that all I really wanted us to do was get back to dinner on the patio.

So many, many laughs on a daily basis. Never would trade it.

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