Thursday, September 4, 2008

What is Wrong with People? Volume I

What is Wrong with People? is most likely going to wind up becoming a recurring topic, driven mostly by other parent interactions. Because I don't know what is wrong with some people out there.

Anyhow. I dropped G off at the park today after her doc's appt. (It went very well, she is 18 lbs, 7.5 oz...90th percentile in weight. My big bundle of love who is happy, healthy, and a smartie.)

J, our nanny, deftly and tactfully pointed out someone that she had mentioned before to me. This was the woman who had actually asked to check the tags in the back of my son's shirt to see where it was from some time ago.

Was she checking to see the brand name? Did she like it and want it for her child? Or (more likely) was she attempting to find out what kind of background that O came from based on what he was wearing?

I had heard from other mothers that they experienced this at a Gymboree or like venue, so clearly it's a tactic of some sort. Can anyone shed any light on it? I find it horrifically offensive.



Kwana said...

Huh? You've confused me this morning? How can you figure out a background based on a shirt. A social class maybe? But that won't work either since there are such things as sales and outlets. She sounds very nosy. Who touches other peoples kids? She probably has a problem with your extremely smart, well read and capable nanny and is trying to figure out your whole is trying to figure out your whole situation.

N said...

Kwana's right...background is the wrong word. Maybe I meant "how much money mommy and daddy make."

And clearly this woman (not Kwana) hasn't read my blog about how much I like a good deal. ;0)

Remember this,'s my theory that there are mass amounts of people out there who don't know how to score deals, period. I swear..and if that is the case, then she wouldn't take sales/outlets into consideration in her judgment. I need to do a study on that behavior.

pve design said...

Odd, we had a care-giver for 5 years and I always told her what was mine was hers, so on a cool day she borrowed a jacket of mine to walk the boys to the park and a nosy neighbor told me..."Did you know that I saw your sitter wearing your clothes?
People need to mind their own business. Next time tell your sitter to look at her labels! My theory is that woman needs more to do! Give her a job!