Thursday, September 25, 2008

Focus on Un-focus

That makes no sense. So today, I will pepper the ol' blog with some random thoughts that are plaguing me this week.

Planning a Christening for baby girl. Still need to figure out what she's wearing. She is a GIANT BABY so we need to sort out that gown thing and I think she'll change for the reception. A little non-traditional, but so is waiting 8 months to do it. Doing a family-only thing, not as big as O's (the family budget is somewhat tighter than in those one-kid, pre-renovation days...).

On G. Already noted, she is big. Adorable. Sitting up on her own. Third tooth came in an odd place, upper (expected, since she already had lower) but like two teeth over on the left side. Looks like the next one in is another bottom. She gets woken up by it sometimes, but in the last week she has ditched her last bottle in favor of sleep. Amen.

She talks. No, not real words (yet) but she is a chatterbox already. Especially while she's half asleep. Tells us a whole story in her darling little coos and noises while she is drifting back into dreamland. It is the most charming thing ever.

O. He wrote on his face with marker today because he thought it would look "cool". Still a little green post-bath.

What the heck with this debate nonsense? So how about this...I want to know what the heck you both think about this mess we're in. How about you move the debate to DC so you're traveling less and make the topic ONLY about the economy. Then tell me what you would do about it as president. All of a sudden it's not important for us to have presidential debates? Are you kidding? C informed me that we had a debate on the day we invaded Normandy. Let's go, people.

These new "I'm a PC" ads. Get your own idea. And advertise the product you actually sell, Microsoft. You don't sell PCs.

I'm overworked. My job is actually more than full time, it feels, I'm back in the swing of fall school shuttling (which I enjoy so I can't complain), and I am taking on freelance that I do starting at oh, 10pm at night. I know...I signed up for this. All in the name of evolution, I suppose. Keeping the eye on the target.

I'm feeling fat. Crap. I have to lose a little weight. Vacation in November. Don't want people to look at me with the..."oh, well, she did just have a baby" look.

Good grief we really need to get that driveway put in.

And jeez, it makes me crazy when I have to edit the auto fill-in post labels on Blogger. If I put a comma, dammit, I don't want auto-fill.

Okay. Done now. Why is G crying.


Kwana said...

Wow. Lots on your mind today. Good luck with planning sweet baby G's christening. I know she'll be beautiful no matter what. And to that point you'll look gorgeous too. No, you do not look fat.

That O what a character. Green, huh?

I don't know what is up with these debates. I'll be watching tonight no matter what. I hope McCain can man up and show up. the people deserve it and if he doesn't I hope the people can clearly see that he doesn't deserve their vote.

Sorry life is so stressful. I feel your pain.

pve design said...

Bring it on N - I think G's crying about the lack of debates too and O is just lashing out with green
cause he wants to debate too...

N- on the important stuff - have 2 no 3 gorgeous christening gowns that G is welcome to borrow and some special drink to make you wonder woman, not that I ever doubted... I am speaking "figuratively"
Easy to drink and the pounds come right off...

Kwana said...

I've tagged you on my blog. Have fun!