Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dinner Surprise III

I have to say it wasn't much of a surprise but it worked well!

Last night I encouraged C to grill up an entire package of yummy Italian sausage (links). I suppose I didn't judge very well but we wound up eating maybe 1/4 of it. In the fridge it went.

So I was thinking, if I just leave it in the fridge it will totally go to waste, we'll never eat it if it stays in link-form. It was grilled already; we had it with grilled vegetables and cornbread.

Planning a laid-back night at home with the kids today, I grabbed it. Yes, we were going to have sausage again, damn it.

I also grabbed an onion, some zucchini and plum tomatoes from the farm market, and a handful of chopped cilantro. I cut the sausage into somewhat thin slices.

Olive oil in the pan; onion and zucchini. Just until both started getting soft. Threw in the sausage. Let it all carmelize a bit together.

About 2 minutes before I was ready to take it off, I threw in the tomato (good-sized chunks so it didn't totally fall apart) and the cilantro.

Took a fresh Italian bread with a little butter to have with it and soak up the juice...delicious.

Woo-hoo! Success. Happy family. We even threw the vegetables in the Cuisinart and G ate some too.


Kwana said...

Look at that. I'd have just thrown that sausage in a roll and went at it. You're so inspiring!

pve design said...

Boy that looks good n healthy. ( and easy too!)
We had some steak, edamame and sweet potato fries
and salad.