Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not a Political Observation

So C and I were watching the RNC (and yes, we watched the DNC too, we are both registered independents). I may be really leaning one way, but I don't see how you can't watch both. We don't understand voting a party line.

I didn't mean to get so serious, there. There are a thousand comments and observations I could make after watching these. And I probably will eventually. But truthfully, since these things are propaganda machines for the most part...I want the debates.

On to my far more light-hearted point.

It's the close of the convention and McCain and Palin are walking the stage together. Their spouses are on the other end of the stage, also together.

I say to C, "What do you think Cindy McCain and Todd Palin talk about?"
His answer has to be dead-on.



pve design said...

I thought they would talk about "hair"-

Kwana said...

C is so funny! I like PVE's answer too. My DH would say hair. He thinks Cindy was using Beyonce's stylist. I agree no matter your party you should watch both.