Friday, August 1, 2008

Tired. But I want to post, something.

Therefore, an easy picture montage.

G's first "swim" at our friends' (gorgeous) pool 2 weekends ago.

O's last day of camp (already!)...dancing while waiting for the bus in the morning.

I can't decide whether O was puffing up his cheeks to look like G, or whether they actually do have similar profiles.

Some days I just stare at the pictures. They are too much.


Marie Louise said...

What gorgeous kids. Love those chubby cheeks. I remember those years - yes, they are tiring!

pve design said...

Makes me want to "take a bite" out of those cheeks.
Enjoy every moment, for it goes like a "blink!'
What cutie-pies.

N said...

Thanks ladies. It is always welcome to be reminded of the beauty of these little busy people. Lucky, lucky.