Thursday, August 7, 2008

Domestic Combat

I am not a good creature-killer. By creature, I mean some sort of thing that has interrupted your domicile with its presence. A bug or the like. Usually I have C take care of it, if he's home.

Last night, with C still away on business, I had to take action on my own. A large moth flew upstairs into my bedroom.

It should be noted I have lost good cashmere to moths. They are evil, and must be destroyed once they enter my home.

The moth lands on one of our bedroom skylights, on the screen. I pick up a sock (C's, of course) and roll it into a ball. I aim...and throw.

Direct hit! The moth swoops down, practically hits me in the head - so much I have to duck, and dives toward the floor near my doorway.

I pick up a flip-flop and chuck it at the intruder, crushing it.

Me, 1...moth, 0.

I'm not sure why I'm posting about this; most likely because I'll venture a guess that everyone else out there has had some sort of twisted pride in a victory like this at one time or another.

Have you?


Kwana said...

Last night it was me against a fly. For about 2 hours! So frustrating. The DH was fast asleep and no help. I finally got the bugger with my bare hands when he had the nerve to land directly on my shoulder at around 1am while I was reading. I guess he was now slow and tired too.

pve design said...

Funny, my noble protector, "Bentley" (dog) somehow managed to seek and destroy a "mole" in the back yard and proceeded to "dog slam" himself, something they do in order to pick up the scent.... anyway, I had to deposit the little creature in the trash. I thought at first it was a mouse.

N said...

Westchester warrior women, we are.

Nice, ladies. Thanks for sharing.