Thursday, August 21, 2008

G is SIX Months Old

...and has two teeth! It's all from Mama the paparazzi today.

She has on her Mets dress that Daddy bought for her at Shea. Which comes with "Mets underpants" as my son puts it.

Doing her new favorite trick, the raspberry. Which we think must somehow make those aching gums feel better.

And as always, looking for the best escape route.

Happy half-birthday, little baby girl.


Kwana said...

Happy half birthday G! You look Marvelous!!

pve design said...

Hmm, much better to celebrate 1/2's than wholes! Goes back to the old saying, the glass is 1/2 full....~
I think I will celebrate my 1/2 next month as my b-day is in March.