Sunday, December 7, 2008

G .... That is Beautiful

Some of you may stumble on my blog via pve design. If you do, you know how talented and charming she is. You may now add that you are completely jealous of me because:

(a) I get to actually be in-person friends with this lovely woman, and...
(b) I have a beautiful piece of her work in my home.

I had asked P (it's de rigueur here on LoveMomWorkLife to go by first initial only) if she could do something special for my daughter's room. G is nine months old, and I've made a genuine effort not to decorate it like a baby's room; pastels have never been my thing. This is G's blanket. (To give credit where it's due, it was a custom order from Maddie Boo via TraLaLa in Irvington. And yes, those are FLOR toy poodle tiles on G's floor.)

I want the room to grow with her; when she saw my frame, she said good-humoredly that it was kind of "baby goth". (Nailed it.)

So I asked if she could do a "G" for me. And I left it up to her. She asked for G's bedding and came and saw her room. Let me show you what she's brought for us.

Isn't it gorgeous! We are too lucky, and little miss G will have the most decadent piece of work to keep in her room, hopefully for a long time.

Well, if you don't know PVE (you poor, poor thing) you must check her out. She does custom work and I have never heard of anyone being anything but unbelievably delighted.

Last look...all together:


pve design said...

Oh, "N" - you are a love mom to post this. I had so much fun painting this and wishing that were my crib!
You have such a great way with making life more beautiful!

Kwana said...

Like I said on PVE's blog, it's a sweet 'g' for a sweet 'p'!