Friday, March 5, 2010

The Something Good Parts

Let's just gloss over the week, mini-recap includes interesting flux with clients, income, blah, blah, blah. Nothing overwhelmingly terrible by any means. Whatever.

And for some reason I've gotten all sorts of scraps from social media in the last 24 hours from folks I know who CAN'T WAIT for this week to end. Really. Ya know...don't rush it. I'm going to guess that something good happened this week. You wouldn't have wanted to miss it, right?

My week ended on a wonderful note, actually, if I focus on my morning - a really awesome "something good". For the second time this school year, I went in to read to O's kindergarten class. Our selections: The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss, and Clam-I-Am - a Seussian approach to learning about the beach and all its associated creatures. Clam-I-Am was all fun and good, but I was pretty pumped in my newly reinvigorated green-ness to read The Lorax.

I love some of the connections the kids make, what goes through their heads, what they raise their hands to share.

"I have trees that fell down in my yard from the snow." Well, yes, but maybe some of those trees were old and that happens sometimes. But you didn't cut them down yourself, right?

"I like Paris." Really, have you been to Paris? It's very nice there. "No, but I am going when I am 12.". Good planning. Send pictures!

"I saw a dead bird once." (Mmmm....okay. Can't say I was prepared with a reaction for someone else's child to discuss death.)

Amidst all the sidebars, they all seemed to engage, to get the lesson that "UNLESS someone like you...cares a whole awful lot....nothing is going to get's not." Tonight it occurred to me it would have been stellar to bring some seeds for everyone. So...maybe that's an idea for another time, it's not like they could have gotten planted today anyhow.

Enjoy your truffula trees today, everyone.

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pve design said...

I miss those days. Somehow, I do not think reading to high schoolers would come across. My sons just had to do a fun project about being teenage parents and budgeting. Just you wait, the fun and good parts are just starting.