Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's been a long time since I posted, but I can't help but do this right now, even though I was hoping to catch up with Halloween and some fun stuff first. Anyhow, apologies for the dry spell but you're just going to have to wait for those Halloween shots.

Barack Obama was just predicted to win the presidency by all three major news networks. History has been made.

I have friends and family that I am certain did not vote the way that I did. I, for the first time a good number of years, voted for the president-elect, for Senator Obama. I am thrilled. I'll even admit my eyes welled up with tears as the networks all announced the prediction at 11pm.

John McCain is giving a gracious concession speech right now. Honestly, one of his best of his entire campaign--emotional, inspirational, genuine. The negative vibe from his followers in the crowd is palpable, which is unfortunate and he is doing his best to dissuade...but perhaps it's just a vocal handful.

C isn't home--away for work in Boston. We've been on the phone on and off much of the evening. Kind of in disbelief, and excited.

Entering the election period, I had the usual concern that I was going to have to vote for the least offensive candidate. I tend to shy away from politics, and dislike the negativity that reminds me of middle school torture. I am typically insulted by the level of discourse that they think should satisfy most Americans. While there seemed to be enough of this to go around, I do feel like Obama took the high road, for the most part. Admittedly, both campaigns had their divisive moments, and both campaigns had their high points. One clearly balanced a bit better than the other.

I'm a registered independent. I've voted with both parties in the past, though primarily Democratic for presidential elections.

I feel like, for once, someone gave me the respect I deserve and earned my vote. He didn't tell me how to vote, he told me how it was. He showed he was intelligent and thoughtful and knew more than simply the party-line worldview. He speaks to everyone with the same tone, one that I think will resound strongly with our allies and aid in foreign relations.

This election was more important to me than ever because of my children. I don't want anyone leading this country through anger or resentment, or even someone who uses a snarky tone to communicate to the public. I don't want them to see a leader that believes aggression is a first means of approaching an issue. I don't want them to see us living in a "bully" nation. I want them to be proud and I want them to genuinely understand the value of all human beings and what anyone can contribute to this world.

I am really proud of our country for making this decision. I am thrilled to see the excitement throughout the entire country! When have we ever seen celebrations like this over an election? This is the passion America is supposed to feel, all the time. I took pictures of my TV, as you can see.

I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. How will the world perceive us now?
Very, very differently.


Kwana said...

Beautifully said N. I love your view. My heart is so full today.

pve design said...

... and now the real job begins. I hope and pray for the best, for our future, for our children.
Keep this post in a time capsule for this will be great to read in many years to keep the memory of yesterday alive!