Monday, October 13, 2008

G's Christening

Our little girl was baptized Sunday. Here she is in all of her splendor.

Her gown was actually "donated" by my aunt, my godmother. She picked it up in a children's store that she worked at ages ago when it was going out of business...figuring she may have a granddaughter someday! It was positively beautiful and somehow, perfectly. Had an antique feel to it.

We even got the boy dressed up. (Well, we all did.) Do you see big brother holding her hand?

Of course, you can't let a 7 1/2 month old who's as active as she is stay in that gown all day. So she had a costume change.

Note the shoes. My friend D has the BEST taste. Whoppers.
(In case you can't tell...they are leopard-print pony-hair flats. D&G. With a delicious tiny white leather bow. Every little girl should be so inspired, so young.)

God bless you little girl; you were the most wonderful angel all day.


pve design said...

Welcome to the light, to the love of faith and knowing that fashion, faith, family and friends... all make life worth living.
G looks gorgeous in that gown and you "LoveMomWorkLife" are radiating as every Mom should who is blessed with a great love of fashion, faith and family, oh and friends too!

Kwana said...

Baby G is so beautiful and big brother O looks so proud. I love her dress. What a wonderful family you have. Congratulations!

H1202 said...

N - Everyone looks amazing but it is Little Miss G who ruled the day in those FAB shoes and fierce hair! She is GOOOOOORRRRGEOUSSSS! xoxo H1202